Top 5 best seller


Check out our top 5 best sellers! We have lots of information about each and every product listed. See why you think they’re our best sellers! They’re number 1-5, 1 being the top seller.


1 – Gasket For Oil Filler Cap Rubber.


This is a mechanical seal that goes onto your oil filler and acts as a rubber cap.

This stops the gas or liquid from leaking and can be used as a barrier between two object such as; Two metals or chemicals.

This specific gasket is only £4.43 including tax from our website!


2 - Adjustment Knob For Backrest.


This is a part that helps you adjust your backrest in the car to how you want.

All you have to do is attach this to the side of you seat, where it belongs. Then you can easily twits it to make it move backwards and forward to the place that you want it.  

This adjustment knob is just £5.53 including tax from our website!


3 – Gasket For Gearbox Manual.  


This creates a very good seal between your gearbox and your engine. As well as the gearbox and the output shafts.

All of the heat, friction and pressure generated will wear your gaskets down and that why you need to replace them!

This gasket for a gearbox is £8.10 including tax which is an amazing price!


4 – Drive Gear For Speedo Cable.


A drive gear is always needed in a car, as this is the thing that turns the driven gear.

The driven gear is then connected to a cable, which is then connected to the speedometer.

Our gear for speedo cable is a great value at £10.88 including tax!


5 – Oil Dipstick.


An oil dipstick is the stick that you’ll find in your oil tank.

This is a great product, as it test how much oil you have in your tank and if you need to fill it up.

This oil dipstick is only £9.29 which is great, as you will always need this!