Hyundai Tucson Review.


Hyundai Motor Group is the fourth biggest manufacturer in the world on number of cars sold. Here you’ll be able to see everything about this car from the interior and design to the running costs and much more.


Design –

It has a very unique brass bold nose that stands out from other cars, This design probably isn’t for everyone, but what is? It is sized between a compact Kona and full sized danta fe. It is also a little bit bigger than the  

You can get different gear boxes in these cars. Some of them have a six speed manual gearbox, but there are other options which are a seven speed dual clutch and a six speed automatic. Most of the Hyundai Tucson’s are a two wheeled drive but if you want a four wheeled drive of this car you’ll have to get the 178bhp mild hybrid.


Interior –

Has an admirable design with a large swathe from one door to the other and hidden air vents.

It has two digital displays, one looks like a big smart phone which is behind the steering wheel and has a size of 10.25inches. The other one is the central touchscreen one which is the same size and lots of buttons below it and then even more buttons below those ones to control the heating, parking sensors and so on.

There are USB sockets all throughout and a satellite navigation system, you can also connect to apple car play and android auto.

All seats are very well designed, nice and comfortable. The rear seats have a good amount of head and leg room so it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit taller than the average, you’ll still be comfy!

The boot is a great size of 616 liters with a broad opening and large plastic sides.


Performance -

This is a light car so the drive is very nice, smooth and effortless. You do need to be more gentle moving off with your throttle puts as you can use just electric power to move off if you do it properly.

The six speed automatic box can be a little slow on the uptake but then the electric motor kicks in. It can get from 0-60mph in a great time of 7.6 seconds on a  mile straight.


Running Cost –

The price is very close with the Tucson and it’s rivals even though this car feels a lot better equipped and better than others.

A lot of people are very happy with the Tucson’s fuel consumption, it is a family sized petrol SUV. This car is meant to keep 40% of it’s value even after 4 years.


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