How To Fix Damaged Seats.


If you have any damages in your seats, look no further, you might be able to fix them yourself! If you have any holes, burns or just a near in it, this blog could really help you.


If your seat has a hole, burn or just a tear in it, we can help. This is a step by step guide on how to fix certain things that are making your seats look not so good!


The first thing to do is to actually get to the damage in your car. If the damage extends to the seatbelt or anything else safety related, you should call in a professional as you need it to be properly done and safe.

Even if you can fix a tear, you won’t be able to do it so it looks ‘new’ again, but it will be fixed.


Patch Small Holes.


Holes are also simple to fix as long as they are smaller than 2 inches. Holes left by animals or cigarette burns can be fixed using interfacing. Find a fabric that matches as close as you can and buy some fabric adhesive.

After you have all of that, measure the size of the hole and cut a piece of fabric big enough to cover the hole and have a small overlap. Make sure it is a neat square and edges are even.

Cut bit of fabric adhesive larger than the hole, tuck in into torn areas and fabric patch on top. Follow instructions on adhesive and use iron to neat fabric and adhesive. Should bond together and adhesive should stick to interior of cloth.

That simple! Your hole it all patched up!


Sew Up Your Torn Areas.


For seats that are cloth, you can do many quick repairs. If you have a small easy tear, get a curved upholstery needs and extra long thread. Make sure the colour matches and then stitch it together. When this is done use the fabric sealant to paint along both sides to make sure it doesn’t fray.


Buff Out Scratches In Leather.


Lather cannot be repaired as easily as cloth can. With scratches, you can use high quality leather condition cream and buff it out!

If buffing doesn’t work, a small amount of spray lacquer can be applied to the scratched area and it could help with the look of the seats. Follow the guidelines on the packaging and take your time, you don’t want to make it worse!

If you cannot get anything out or to look better, contact your garage and they could be able to do it for you!