How To Clean Headlights


Have you cleaned your car so it’s sparkling but your headlights just don’t match? This will allow you to get 100% of your car looking brand new again!

There are a few different ways to do this, in this blog it will tell you how to with toothpaste and then sandpaper.


How To Clean Them With Toothpaste

Make sure you have toothpaste that doesn’t have any flavor crystals or other particles as they might scratch your headlights.

First of all you need to wash your headlights with normal water and some soap. Make sure you properly dry off the cleaned proportion.

After you’ve done this, get some tape and tape around the light. The best tape to use is painters tape, do not use adhesive tape.

Then rub some toothpaste into a towel and rub it over your car headlights. Once you’ve rubbed it all in, rinse it with water and dry with a towel.

It’s just that easy to clean them!


How To Clean Them With Sandpaper

This requires a bit more effort than just the toothpaste technique.

First you need to do the same steps as above, cleaning your headlights with soap and water, drying them and taping around the lights.

When you’ve done with wet your sandpaper a bit and work it in circular motions around the headlight. Follow this by a horizontal path but make sure you are doing this lightly as you don’t want to scratch the light.

After this you should then get some finer sandpaper and do the same process from the other direction.

Once you’ve done this, wipe off the headlight with some rubbing alcohol.

Then the finishing touch is polish the plastic with toothpaste or a special headlight polish.