How To Care For Your Exhaust System.


A lot of people don’t think about making sure their exhaust system is cared for and healthy. But this is one of the things you can also care for and make sure it isn’t broken!


One of the main reasons to keep your exhaust in good condition is because your exhaust system is designed to transport pollutant gases to the muffler and reduce harmful gases! This will do wonders for the environment if your exhaust works well, it won’t stop the pollution but it will do it’s bit to reduce the gases.


If you’re not sure how to keep it in good condition and clean, take a look here for some tips –


Check Engine Light Checked


our check engine light can come on for lots of different reasons but they are all related to your emissions system.

When the light comes on anything in the car it normally means there is a problem, and for this, it’s definitely the case.

The light can come on for very minor things like a loose gas cap. But will also come on for engine misfires, bad catalytic converter and many other things. So when it goes come on, get the code checked out and then repair whatever problem you are faced with.


Repair Broken Components.


Your exhaust needs lots of different components in order to work. Exhaust handers are necessary to secure pipes to the underside of your car but then can be damaged very easily. When this happen, the system can sag and put strain on other components, causing them to be able to break easier.

If you find out you have some broken hangers or snapped bolts, they should be replaced.


Fix Leaks Quickly.


Leaking parts in a number of different parts is very common as you car has a lot of pressure, heat and vibrations. The main place that a leak will come from is the exhaust manifold.

The manifold can crack but more commonly is the gasket will fail and start to leak. The pipes can also fail, because of rust and corrosion.


Caring for your car isn’t difficult, but it will require that you pay a lot of time and attention to your car.