7 Tips To Maintain Your Steering Wheel.


Is your steering wheel looking a bit old and dirty? Here you’ll find some tips to keep up with the maintenance and keep it looking clean and new.


1 - Clean The Leather.


You should make sure to do this at least once a week, if you want to do it twice a week you can! To do this, take a wet cloth, put some leather cleaner on it and wipe it all over! After doing this rinse the cloth under clean water, wipe it again and then dry it all with a towel.



2 - Use a Leather Conditioner.


Make sure you always have leather conditioner, if you don’t go buy some! You should then gently massage this into the leather wheel with your hands. After doing so, leave it to dry for about 30 minutes and wipe off the excess conditioner with a towel. ALWAYS make sure you wipe this off thoroughly as it has mademake the wheel slippy, which is extremely dangerous. If you don’t have time to let it dry, wipe it off before driving anyway, NEVER drive with it still on.


3 – Always Make Sure You Remove Any Dirt.


You should keep a small cloth in your car just in case you get any dirt in your steering wheel. If you do, all you have to do is wipe the dirt off with that cloth. This is easy and will help immensely to keep it a bit cleaner.


4 – Use Quick Wipes.


For a quick and easy touch up, use quick wipes. Always keep these in your car, if you notice any dirt or dust, give your wheel a quick wipe over. This is loaded with cleaner and conditioner so it’s an easy way to touch up your steering wheel.


5 – Cleaning Hard Plastic.


For the hard plastic wheels, you can still clean this really quick and easy! You should use some soap and water to clean this type of wheel and then dry it off like normal with a towel.


6 - Cleaning Natural Wood.


If you have a natural wood steering wheel NEVER use soap. With this you should just wipe it clean using a dry cloth and then apply some wood polish for that clean sparkly finish!


7 – Cleaning Synthetic Resin.


You should NEVER use any type of polish on this type of wheel. You can still clean it easily by using some soap and water, then wiping it over with a clean cloth!


These tips will help you to keep your steering wheel much cleaner with not much effort! If you make these cleaning procedures a habit to do, it will be even easier for you to keep your wheel clean. This will extend the lifespan of your steering wheel so you won’t have to spend money and buy a new one.